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Digital Art Euphoria

New to photorozarism: I've been working on three new digital art pieces.

Left to right -

  1. We were on holidays in Ireland, where my cousin was getting married, and we decided to visit Jameson Whiskey Distillery and the first beautiful thing I saw at the distillery was this magnificent chandelier creatively consisting of Jameson whiskey bottles - just beautiful and now a cool digital art piece.

  2. The angel with long wing span is the Angel of the North from Newcastle, UK. I remember we on a drive to Newcastle to visit another cousin, the above couson's sister who had just gotten married, and I was gobsmacked when in the distance I spotted this gigantic figure with these widespread arms as if waiting to hug you. The Angel of the North is a contemporary sculpture and is the largest sculpture in Britain, I've been told.

  3. This mallet or wild duck was paddling in the lake towards me, also on this holiday, thinking i had food, when I took this picture. I'm using this picture to spread the message of being kind because while ducks seem to float gracefully on the water, they are paddling furiously underneath the water. So be kind to to everyone you meet because ypu don't know who may be furiously paddling underneath that surface..

So, when I put these three pictures together, I'm just euphoric.

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