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The Story As It Stands


In a world where we can be anything, be kind

It's a beautiful world, yes there are plenty of ups and downs, but having that moment to delight in the beauty of of what's around us is where we can find joy or comfort or solace.


A corporate communications specialist, member of the LGBTIQ and Indian communities and guncle, diversity and lots of life experiences have added to my photography and digital art to reflect not only my stance but also the perspectives of many groups. I embrace open-mindedness, loyalty to my family and friends and integrity in what we say and do.

lgbt rainbow


I'm passionate about digital art. I'm always working on one of my photography and that relaxes me. Sometimes the pictures don't turn out well but that's alright because those mistakes tell me how to do things better or differently. 


It also helps me to be more creative in other aspects of my life especially in my corporate role. There have been times when some of my most creative solutions to work problems have come when I'm doing my digital pieces and that's when I feel so blessed.

blue and red print of 3 women


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